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  • 6 students walking book by book through the Bible in our School of Biblical Studies
  • 78 students enrolled in the New Testament session of our Biblical Narrative Series
  • 100+ people attending Bible Overview or Inductive Bible Study Seminars
  • A new Bible training course in development, set to launch in fall 2020
  • Multiple Churches now seeing Emmaus as a part of their plan of discipleship
  • 7 dedicated staff developing programs, discipling students, and teaching the Bible



  • Lily is 14 and in her freshman year, we have a HIGH SCHOOLER!  She’s transformed so much over the past year, both physically and spiritually.  Alongside her studies, choir, and constant creation of music and art, she is a leader in the youth ministry and an active part of the worship and children’s ministry’s at our local church here.
  • Grace is 12 and in her 7th grade year. She’s a ball of energy; playing softball, running track, singing in choir, always writing music with Lily, and also actively involved in the youth ministry. Grace is very inquisitive; Latoya and I spend a good amount of time talking through deep and thoughtful questions with her.
  • Maya is 10 and this is her first year of the SonRise program. Latoya has done an incredible job of facilitating this at home program to help her develop relational, social, and cognitive skills, and we are truly seeing progress! For any who don’t know, Maya has Smith Magenis Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder resulting in sleep disorder, behavioral/emotional challenges, seizures and delayed cognitive development.  She’s on the kids praise team, the coffee/host team, an all-around treasure and truly lives up to her name…Maya JOY.
  • Faith is 6 and is rocking the 1st grade!  She knocked out her own front teeth a few months ago, and it only made her cuter :). Other than that, she’s full of adventurous energy, funny one-liners, and inquisitive questions. It’s been great to see her personality and confidence really develop over this past year.


  • No seizures and continued progress in Maya’s development and behavioral management, especially as she has adolescence coming just around the corner.
  • A full-time base of operations for Emmaus.  We have a potential location to establish at the retreat center we’ve been hosting classes at, but if not there, we see a need to have a space for constant Emmaus activity.
  • Our family is desiring to move from our rental home at the conclusion of our lease in July.  It is our prayer that we will have a more stable housing location that is designed well for our unique family dymanics and for being a center of family ministry.

As always, we truly love to know how we can be praying for all of our partners!  Please let us know how we can best partner with you all.  We love you and truly appreciate your investment in our family and ministry!

The Ives Family (Caleb, Toya, Lily, Grace, Maya and Faith)


2 thoughts on “Family & Ministry Update: February 2020

  1. Enjoyed your video ,the info and Prayer requests we will pray. Bro your family is growing up, leaps and bounds. Beautiful family. We love you. When are y’all coming in our area? Love to see ya.


    1. We sure do miss you all! Thanks so much for your love and prayers. The family is growing in a hurry, hard to believe Lily is in High School now! I am speaking back at Camp Lurecrest in Lake Lure at the end of June, I’m hoping the family can join and we will plan to come visit Element for sure.


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